Revitalising Cream 50ml


Annique’s best-selling antiageing product contains VNA10+ for its cell renewal benefits and vitamin Provitamin
B5 for its moisturising and ati-inflammatory benefits whilst soothing irritated skin.


GOLD PACK Awards 2022 Bronze Annique’s best selling anti-ageing cream helps to restore, renew and rejuvenate skin

It is ideal for the maintenance of a youthful skin and restoration and rejuvenation of aged skin. The Revitalising Cream restores the cells’ ability to retain moisture and stimulates the cells’ own production of collagen and elastin for a faster cell replacement cycle.

Combined with Annique’s Vitamin E Tissue Oil, the Revitalising Cream promotes the healing of scars caused by cuts, burns and acne. Collagen is vital for the creation of new cells, but only the body’s own collagen is effective for the production of new cells. The principal aim of the Revitalising Cream, therefore, is to restore the cell’s ability to produce its own collagen and to help it retain moisture, as though it was a younger skin.

The Revitalising Cream is recommended for any skin type and age. The Revitalising Cream should never be used without an ANNIQUE moisturiser. Combine with the Vitamin E Tissue Oil for aged and dehydrated skins. The Revitalising Cream is a tonic that enhances the function of the other products, and can only be effectively supplemented by other products from Annique. Contains Annique’s exclusive extract of Rooibos for its hypo-allergenic and antioxidant qualities.