Resque Hair Nutrition+ 100ml


For healthy hair and scalp
A complete vitamin complex to help protect hair and scalp from premature ageing and supply nutrients required for healthy growth patterns, shine and bounce.


A healthy dose of Rooibos extract provides powerful antioxidant protection and in combination with the vitamin complex stabilises hair colour and protects hair from UV-damage. The formulation protects against split ends, brittle hair, and hair loss and improves shine, growth and moisture retention. The ingredient Folicusan™ is designed as preventative care for scalp and hair to prevent hair loss.

Testimonial: “My Hair Nutrition story is that one of the twins was born without hair.  Her hair didn’t want to grow at all until I started using the Hair Nutrition on her head.  Her hair became so long that I can tie it in a pony already and I have been using the Hair Nutrition for about 3 months now.” Michelle van Niekerk