Hydrafine Skin Refining Freshener 100ml


(Existing pH Balancing Freshener Formula)

• Gentle and soothing.

• Rooibos not only calms and soothes irritated or hot skin, it also has antioxidant properties,

revitalising qualities and anti-allergic benefits

• Cools, calms and soothes skin while controlling dryness and oiliness to help prevent irritation and breakouts.









• Contains a blend of herbal extracts.
• Helps to balance the pH of the skin after
cleansing and assists in better absorption of
other Annique products.
• Can be reapplied regularly during the day.
Application: Spray over face and neck mornings and evenings, after applying all your Annique skin treatment products and an Annique sunscreen. Can be used throughout the day to balance, hydrate and control oiliness.