Bo-Serum 30ml


BOTOX in a Bottle – With Bo-NTL Peptide
The new Forever Young anti-ageing range contains VNA10+ a highly effective plant extract, which helps to improve skin elasticity, cell renewal and improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Annique’s renowned Rooibos extract adds precious antioxidant and youth-promoting benefits.


With Bo-NTL Peptide and VNA10+

The botanical extract from cogon grass has a high anti-wrinkle impact  and long lasting moisturising effect on the skin. The extract is also  high in potassium to help skin transfer and retain moisture more effectively. Your skin needs to be moisturised, relaxed and de-stressed  to stay looking young. Bo-Serum contains Annique’s exclusive extract of  Rooibos for its hypo-allergenic and antioxidant qualities.

Testimonial: “One morning at work, after about 3 weeks  of using Bo-Serum, I saw that I have put two different earrings in my  ears. I asked my colleagues to look at me and tell me what is different.  Their answer really surprised me. Both of them mentioned the difference  they could see in my face (AND NOT THE EARRINGS!), especially my eyes,  mouth and cheeks.” Ronél Sadie